Pre-booking and the reserving of tables is only for diners and only via the website contact us form where names and contact details are already required

On arrival we are operating a first come first served basis for seating both inside and out. All areas of seating have a minimum social distancing of 1 metre plus with nearer 2metres internally. Any tables which reduced the distancing below 1 metre plus have been removed as have all stools in the bar which were down the middle of the room ensuring no guests sit back to back where distancing would have been under 1 metre. Guests will seat themselves externally and will be directed to seats internally. There will be an entrance only door in the lounge with a sanitising station adjacent as well as a third sanitising station adjacent to the bar exit door. Once all internal and external areas are occupied with guests both adhering to guidance for social distancing and group composition, we cannot accommodate any further guests. Only when room becomes available and has been satisfactorily cleared and cleaned Covid Secure will another guest be accommodated. 

The dominoes room behind the bar has been blocked off for use with the only route in and out being for use of toilets on a 1 in only basis for ladies and gents. The doors have a vacant/engaged sign on for user to slide across when entering toilet and back to vacant when leaving. Hand sanitiser station in toilet hallway with posters encouraging sanitising of hands after toilet use.

Service for outside will be obtained by a guest coming to the screened area of the bar and ordering, paying contactless and taking their drinks away. Any food orders will be passed to the kitchen for completion. In the bar area are distance markers should a queue arise. Service for inside will be obtained by one guest coming to the screened area of the bar to order for their table, paying contactless and returning to their table for completion and service of order.  All payments must be contactless at the bar as the construction of the building leaves many wifi free areas.

The White Lion has created 3 distinct hand sanitising areas and with relevant posters, guests are encouraged to regularly sanitise hands-entrance, exit and toilet vestibule.

Cautionary poster to maintain social distancing when going to toilet if occupied and waiting outside

All indoor customers seated unless ordering or using the toilet, standing is allowed outside if maintaining social distancing guidance on numbers/bubbles.

If adverse weather arises, external guests cannot come indoors when capacity is reached.

Distance markings in place where needed for queues and maintaining social distancing.

Once food recommences, it will be by advance booking only so that capacity can be managed and staggered where necessary.

Menu will be by throw-away paper/table. Cutlery, condiments etc will only be supplied when the food is served. Condiments in either sachets or paper ramekins only.

Contactless payment only.

No live performance to be offered and low volume background music to be played.

Daily pre-service checks to ensure all cleaning and sanitising products are in adequate supply.

Shift by shift confirmation with staff regarding health status prior to starting shift.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitising regime in operation regarding tables, chairs each time they are used.

Regular wipe down of hand contact surfaces both front and back of house, kitchen and toilet areas.

Entrance and exit doors wedged open to reduce touchpoints.

Bar set up to allow individual bar staff to maintain social distancing without crossing each other.

Full menu re-design to smaller less complex offer allowing single person operation.

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The White Lion

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Social Distance Outside

Social Distance Outside